Hynes Benefits Consulting, LLC offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services that address every aspect of your employee benefit requirements. Whether you need solutions for Plan Management, Clinical Management, Financial Management or Communication and Compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Plan Management Services
Every solution begins with a strategic plan. Every plan begins with insight and analysis. Our Plan Management services ensure that your benefits solution will be complete, cost-effective and perfectly attuned to your business.

• Benefits Strategy includes a 3-5-year plan, guiding principles and objectives, a gap analysis and a plan design.
• Vendor Management includes renewal negotiations, marketing and vendor selection, contract review and performance and service review.
• Plan Design Review includes program prevalence, design and network analysis and benchmarking.

Clinical Management Services
A group medical solution is only as effective as the quality of its execution. Our Clinical Management services help you monitor and optimize every aspect of service delivery.
• Health Management includes health and wellness promotion, risk reduction, disease management and case management.
• Clinical Analysis includes gap analysis and demographic trending.
• Pharmacy Analysis includes prescription claims and utilization analysis.

Financial Management Services
Your benefits plan is a source of competitive advantage. Our Financial Management services help you control your costs and maximize your returns.
• Claims Review includes cost drivers, plan design and managed care initiatives.
• Cost Projection includes budgeting, cost sharing strategies, IBNR and risk management.
• Management Reporting includes customized reports, enrollment analysis and claim and utilization trends.

Communications and Compliance Services
Smart decisions require knowledge and understanding. Our Communications and Compliance Services help ensure that you and your employees are fully informed about your benefits plan options and the most likely impact of new legislation and regulatory requirements.